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We are happy to discuss installing exterior tile.

The benefits of having tile outdoors are many. You can add a lot of design and personality to your home with mosaic tile, handmade tile, glass or wood-look porcelain tile for example. You can blur the line between the interior of your home and the space outside.

The design and application possibilities for exterior tile are almost as endless as installing tile indoors. Tile pavers can be installed on grass, sand, or gravel for a unique look and practical application, and do not require grout. Handmade tile can add flair and personality as can mosaics and glass tile. Porcelain can imitate natural stone and marble, providing a timeless look on the exterior of your home while ensuring durability for generations to come with minimal maintenance.


Because tile is made from natural materials, many tiles perform well outside. Added technologies like inkjet printing and slip-resistant surfaces make tile even more accessible for outdoor applications. That being said, not all tiles are made for exterior use and extra considerations need to be made when shopping for the right tile. We always recommend shopping at a locally owned tile distributor vs big box. You will have access to people who are more invested in your success when it comes to choosing the correct quality tile. As always we are happy to consult with you on your tile choices.

Extra care and attention to details is a necessity for exterior tile installations. Extra expansion joints are needed due to rapid expansion from heating up quickly in the sun and cooling off rapidly from the exposed night and winter elements. Proper drainage needs to be considered, especially in areas where temperatures drop below freezing.

Recent Exterior Tile Projects

Elizabeth C.

Stockton, CA

Quality work, professional workmanship, and great customer service. Curtis installed tile in my entryway and did a beautiful professional job. He took great care in laying out the tile and it is evident that he takes great pride in his work and that his customer is satisfied. Look no further. If you want professional tile work done, he is your person. I highly recommend him.

Linda C.

Stockton, CA

Valley Tile Pros does outstanding work! Curtis did our kitchen backsplash and it came out beautifully!! We have received so many compliments. He was professional, hardworking and it was obvious he takes great pride in his work. I highly recommend Valley Tile Pros. We are looking forward to our next project with Valley Tile Pros which is to retile our bathroom.

Debra G.

Elk Grove, CA

Had our floor redone, turned out awesome. Curtis and his partner did an outstanding job on our tile.

Frankie M.

Stockton, CA

I recently acquired two trailer homes as a side investment and I wanted to gut out the outdated bathroom style that the two trailers had going on. I was at my wits ends with all of the outrageous quotes I was receiving from other tile companies, so I pretty much just gave the mission a break. A month later, a friend of mine tells me about this tile company he used a couple of times and that their work was outstanding. I was bit hesitant at first, Valley Tile Pros?, now this I had to see -
- fast forward 1 week later, and I had to revisit my first doubting feelings about this company and how they called themselves "pros" and all I can say is that this company has proved me wrong and they got DOWN! This tile company needs to be advertised more because its always that diamond in the rough that turns out to be the finest of all the gems out there. Before I called Valley Tile Pros, I randomly went on a screening on all of the tile advertisements that flood the streets or first page when you do a web search, and I was either not impressed or was shocked at the gouging prices but that wasn't the case with Valley Tile Pros. I won't give the exact quote they gave me because everyones situation is different but Curtis and his team saved me a bundle and I can't wrap my head around the layout of the glass mosaic that they set. I was asked if I had a particular style in mind for the bathrooms but I honestly never gave that part much thought so I asked Curtis if he was able to improvise and man that guy blew my head away with what his crew and he did. I wish there were "Likes" so I can give his company a wheel barrel full but hopefully this comment gets approved and this tile company has just became my "go to" for future tile needs as well as recommendations!

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